Manga is my escape

Today I decided to clear up the cobwebs and dust in this blog because a new layout was loooong overdue!

It's been about 10 years since I started this blog. I don't read manga as often/much as I used to (because adulthood!), but I still read it from time to time, especially after friends' recommendation.

It is interesting to note how different my manga preferences are now; I used to get very excited about shoujo manga, which later developed into love for josei, but now I try to explore other genres as well. Didn't really realise when this evolution happened tbh, but one thing for sure, I plan to keep continuing recording the stuff I've read in this blog, because some mangas are just so important to me, and I'd like to remember in what ways they've affected me.

I'm ready to write 'reviews' again of mangas worthy of being talked about. Exciting times! :)


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